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Sloan Bentley’s Weekly Message

for Team Members of Lutheran Life Communities

Dear Lutheran Life Community Team Members,

While we come into the third year of this pandemic, and as we look for help and support, I want to let you know of a powerful resource available to you, from Lutheran Life. It is called Reclaiming MyJoy.

While we face many challenges – both at work and in our personal lives, we need to keep focused, persevere, and have resilience. Reclaiming MyJoy gives us tools to help us cope every single day, offering hints and reminders of how to adjust and take time for yourself through these challenging times.

Keep an eye out for your invitation to take part in Reclaiming MyJoy.

For more information about Reclaiming MyJoy, please contact Pastor Cory at cwielert@lulife.org or (219) 661-3378


Sloan Bentley

Sloan Bentley

President and CEO,

Lutheran Life Communities