Paulsberg Service Leadership Awards go to…

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Lois Siegel and Joe Weber have been selected to receive Paulsberg Service Leadership Awards from Lutheran Life Communities.

In celebrating over 25 years of Roger W. Paulsberg’s service leadership, Lutheran Life Communities presents this award to others in recognition of faithful leadership within the communities they serve. Each recipient exemplifies the shared mission of Lutheran Life Communities, empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations.

A Paulsberg Service Leadership Award will be presented to Lois Siegel, for her ongoMedalWebing commitment to the performing arts and all they bring to community.

A Paulsberg Service Leadership Award will be presented to Joe Weber, for his consistent and supportive relationship with Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights.

Much more information about, and appreciation for, each recipient will be shared at an invitation-only event in February.

The medal presented to each recipient features a reproduction of The Christ Window. The original stained glass version of The Christ Window is 17 feet tall and featured prominently at the main entrance of Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights. Replications of The Christ Window have been completed, or planned to be completed, for each Lutheran Life Community.