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Top Ten FAQs (frequently asked questions)

  • Is Lutheran Life Communities the same as The Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights?
    Lutheran Life Communities is a system of senior living communities that, since 2000, has grown because of the success of the Lutheran Home, which dates back to 1892. Navigating through this website, you will find Lutheran Life Communities programs, services and locations in Illinois, Indiana and Florida that serve older adults and their families.

  • What is a CCRC?
    A CCRC, a continuing care retirement community, is a centrally planned, located and administered community offering several levels of housing and lifestyle choices that can meet any future health care needs. This concept is referred to as a “continuum” – offering something for just about any budget and every lifestyle. Access to this full spectrum—including independent living and a combination of assisted living, memory support and/or skilled nursing—provides tremendous peace-of-mind for individuals and their families, knowing you have a plan for life. All Lutheran Life Communities are part of this CCRC concept of services and lifestyles.

  • What’s the difference between Independent Living and other lifestyle/housing options?
    Independent Living options within a Lutheran Life Community provide maintenance-free living with the assurance of access to your area’s best long-term health care and nursing environments, should you ever have the need for assisted living, skilled nursing and/or memory support.

  • Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid?
    Yes. Each Lutheran Life Community (except Luther Oaks at this time) has dedicated Medicare short-term rehabilitation and therapy units. These communities also have a state license for a designated number of Medicaid residences. Contact the Lutheran Life Community nearest you for up-to-date Medicare and Medicaid information and availability.

  • Do I have to be Lutheran to move to a Lutheran Life Community?
    No. Lutheran Life Communities began with the same intentions we have today: to serve our neighbors, and all of them. We are open to people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions.

  • Will I be able to maximize my long-term care insurance at a Lutheran Life Community?
    Yes. Lutheran Life Communities accepts long-term care insurance and employs professionals dedicated to helping you make the most of your policy.

  • Do you have to pay an entrance fee at Lutheran Life Communities?
    In our communities that include independent living – yes, there are entrance fees that provide future health care benefits, if ever needed. And there are plans that refund most of your entrance fee upon move-out or the passing of a resident. We encourage you to visit to learn more about this industry-proven financial model available in our communities with independent living options.

  • I’m really healthy. What if I outlive my financial resources?
    In the organization’s history, dating back to 1892, part of our mission is to not ask residents to leave because they have outlived their financial resources. As an organization, we offer a resident assistance/benevolent fund. The Lutheran Life Communities Foundation helps to support that fund and our not-for-profit, faith-based mission.

  • The thought of moving and selling my home is overwhelming. Can you help me/us?
    Yes. Each Lutheran Life Community has professionals who can assist you. MySolutions, a program of Lutheran Life Communities, has been a pioneer in the field of senior relocation services and is available to offer assistance to prospective residents.

  • Do you do rehab at Lutheran Life Communities if I have surgery?
    Yes. Each Lutheran Life Community (except Luther Oaks at this time) offers excellent Medicare-certified, short-term rehabilitation and therapy following surgery.