Ed and Nancy Proctor moved to Luther Oaks a year ago. In doing so, they began a new lifestyle and joined the larger Lutheran Life Communities family. When Ed and Nancy made the choice, or as Ed would tell you Nancy made the choice, and he agreed, they made the choice as they wanted. They made the choice on their terms and when they felt they needed to make the move. They now say “we are home and enjoying life here, this place is great and great for us.” Their only regret they say is maybe gaining a few pounds. Ed and Nancy are both retirees from State Farm and have a history of supporting their community.


When they learned about the Lutheran Life Communities Foundation, they wanted to hear more. Working with their Foundation Regional Director, the Proctors made the choice to become Generations Society members by including Lutheran Life Communities in their updated Estate Plans. “It was easy to do, we met with our attorney and he made the changes, it was as simple as that” said Nancy. Ed added, “We have always wanted to make a difference and saw the value of supporting benevolent care here at Luther Oaks. We have grown to know and enjoy our neighbors and hope our small action will benefit them or other residents in need.”


Since its founding in 1892, no resident of a Lutheran Life Community has ever been asked to leave because they could no longer afford the cost of their care. As Generations Society members, Nancy and Ed are now a part of that long tradition of generosity. While the Proctors say they are still “the new kids on the block,” they have been quick to get involved. From serving on the food committee to playing piano at campus gatherings, they have embraced their new lifestyle. With their kind remembrance, they will be helping their fellow residents for years to come.