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~ James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift
is from heaven above.

What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? Was it a special toy in your childhood—like a doll or a train set? Or something sentimental—like a special piece of jewelry?

Do you remember the anticipation of opening it…ripping off the paper…holding your breath as you opened the box…hoping it was exactly what you wanted?


When some of our residents were asked what their best Christmas gift was, the answers ranged from toys, to jewelry, and even a puppy! But, there was one answer that stood out. A 95 year old resident, with a sparkle in her eye said, “Because I know this community will be my home until heaven. That is my best gift.” 


In the busyness of our lives, especially during the holidays, we often forget how vulnerable some people can feel at Christmas time. Because of donors like you, our residents have received the best gift; the peace of mind knowing that our communities are their home. 

It is only with the help of generous donors, that we have been able to continue serving residents who have run out of funds, through no fault of their own.

Please consider giving our residents the best gift this Christmas.


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Favorite Holiday Memories from Lutheran Life Community Residents


In 1943, my brother was in the Navy stationed in the Pacific. One Saturday afternoon during the holiday season he walked through the front door to surprise us all, and he certainly did, almost giving mom a heart attack! As a 10 year old boy at the time, I was so happy to see my brother.

  ~ Martin

When I was little, my uncle would spend Christmas with us every year. He always said he was "afraid" of Santa Claus, so he would go and hide in the bathroom. And always, once he went into the bathroom, sure enough Santa would come. I wonder if there was a connection somehow?
  ~ Simine

I remember the first Christmas my niece and nephew were with us. They sat at a small table in front of the tree for the holiday meal. The next thing we knew the tree was on top of them!

  ~ Edith 

I really longed for ice skates. When I opened my gift there were these big woolen socks, and I thought what am I supposed to do with these? Of course the second gift was the coveted ice skates.

  ~ Evelyn 

My favorite Christmas gift ever, was the year when I woke up on Christmas morning next to my new wife (we were married on Christmas Eve.) Forty-two years later I am still enjoying that gift!

  ~ Jim 

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