Why choose a Lutheran Life Community?

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Why choose a Lutheran Life Community?

Faith-Based and Mission Driven. Our Lutheran heritage and beliefs are what first led to the establishment of this ministry and they continue to guide us each day. Every Lutheran Life Community welcomes people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions and, as a not-for-profit, faith-based organization, Lutheran Life Communities is committed to never asking a resident to leave as a result of outliving his or her financial resources. Toward this goal, we offer a resident assistance/benevolent fund supported by The Lutheran Life Communities Foundation.

E3—Exceeding Expectations Everyday. The hallmark of Lutheran Life Communities’ success is excellent customer service. In reality, however, our commitment to service goes far beyond excellence. Each member of the Lutheran Life Communities team is dedicated to what we call E3—Exceeding Expectations Everyday. It is our goal not simply to meet expectations, but to anticipate needs and desires and go above and beyond in fulfilling them.

Person-Centered Care. Lutheran Life Communities is a leader in the culture change that is taking place in senior living. However, it’s not a new idea to us. Always committed to person-centered care, every decision we make, at every level, is based on a commitment to the individual resident. Our communities seek to understand and honor each individual’s journey and unique rhythms of life.

Extensive Health Care Expertise. Lutheran Life Communities is known for having the expertise to provide significant levels of care and handle complex or difficult cases—due in part to the extensive training our employees receive. Our specialized programs—such as MyRehab short-term rehabilitation, MyTapestry memory support, and our pulmonary program—are recognized for innovative methodology and successful outcomes.

Lutheran Life Communities offers a comprehensive array of services and programs. For more information, see the Innovations section of this website.

Sound Management. Lutheran Life Communities’ structure gives each of our communities the ability to leverage the knowledge, experience and resources of a system while still maintaining the ability to make decisions at a local level. Our leaders combine a high degree of skill and knowledge in management and business with a deep personal commitment to the ministry and mission of the organization. We are committed to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us through sound management principles, development of best practices and an uncommonly high level of accountability.

Continuous Improvement. We are passionate about what we do and seek to continually improve. From our management methods and employee training to innovative programs for residents, we remain open-minded and curious, constantly seeking creative ways to do things better.