Shepherd’s Flock

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Shepherd’s Flock Child Care Center

Shepherd’s Flock Child Care Center at Lutheran Home is an acclaimed intergenerational Christian childcare program for infants through pre-school. Shepherd’s Flock students are taught core educational skills and are introduced to Spanish, fine arts and computer skills in a fun, socially engaging setting.

Shepherd’s Flock is also a unique intergenerational program through which the children and Lutheran Home residents (whom the children refer to as “grandmas” and “grandpas”) participate in a variety of planned, on-site activities such as art, music, stories and games. In the chapel of the Lutheran Home, special events are held for children and residents to enjoy together, including an annual Easter egg hunt, a 4th of July parade and a Christmas program.

Preschool-age children take field trips on Wednesdays, and residents are always welcome to accompany them. Together, students and residents have delighted in spending time together in activities ranging from pumpkin farms in the fall to water parks in the summer.

This is just one example of the many and varied intergenerational programs available at each of our communities.

“Shepherd’s Flock is the best combination of educational setting and warm family-like atmosphere. Our children are thriving under their care. They love to visit their local ‘grandmas’ and ‘grandpas,’ especially since ours live so far away. The teachers are first rate.”  —Maureen, alum parent of Shepherd’s Flock

“As a working mother of three, Shepherd’s Flock has been a godsend! Knowing that my daughters are in such a nurturing environment gives me the peace of mind to focus on my job during the day. The teachers truly care for each individual child and have a gift for making learning fun. Shepherd’s Flock gives my girls the foundation that they need to go out into the world with confidence. My oldest daughter, a graduate of Shepherd’s Flock, is excelling in school; she is at the top of her class, in part because of the education she received while at Shepherd’s Flock.”  —Samantha, current parent of Shepherd’s Flock student, Lutheran Home employee


  • Angels (6 weeks to 9 months)
  • Stars (9 to 18 months)
  • Lambs (18 months to 2 ½ years)
  • Rainbow (2 ½ to 3 ½ years)
  • Sonshine (3 ½ to 5 years)

Indoor and outdoor play areas encourage children to learn through play and interaction. Shepherd’s Flock has easy access to many services and amenities that are provided by the Lutheran Home.

Shepherd’s Flock encourages children to develop at their own individual pace, and our unique Christian program promotes a positive self-image.

Shepherd’s Flock curriculum incorporates staff–created lesson plans with the many special learning opportunities provided through activities. Lesson planning and learning skills vary depending on the child’s age, but all incorporate spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.

Lessons introduce children to many concepts, such as art and sensory experiences, math and science, Bible songs and stories, and small- and large-motor activity. The Shepherd’s Flock philosophy is that children learn most effectively through play and at their own pace. All children are encouraged to take part in the classroom offerings, but are never forced.

As children grow and progress through the classrooms, their days become more structured and the number of activities to choose from increases. Our goal is that, when your child leaves Shepherd’s Flock, he or she will be well-prepared for the next step.